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Deseperate Environment😷~Help!

1 已有 360 次阅读   2016-11-18 08:37   标签frequency  iphone  computer  gambling  security 
iphone and ipad was invaded by frequency gambling messages and was reminded by gambling messages everyday,by heaven's sake,I never engaged in gambling nor phornagraphic,as a scholar and nun for more than 6 years.So is the financial system,security of bank account,financial market…The phornagraphic images popped out on my computer screen while I was preparing my GRE exam,anonymous phone call,all these drag me down,feel like I am drowned in all these high frequency rubbish,I called 110,while it only evade to local police station,time consuming desperate environment and public security.Depressing,desperate!It's so consuming,so tired,I have encouraged to plan my schedule for exam later was defeated by all those rubbish abruptly.So exhausted to go ahead that most of time I could only struggle to sit there or lay down,I stay alone for study and research so many years,never engage in any club or such activities,why these envaded here to drawn me down??😷🤕🤒
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